Monday, October 19, 2009


Today I subbed for a class of fifth-graders. Overall, they were amazing kids, even if a large number of the school was out sick; However, there was one thing that... I have to share. Because it was one of those times that - as a teacher - laughing at the moment is unacceptable. Such as this.

The students are sitting at their desks, working on copying a Hallowe'en Poem onto a piece of paper. Sam finishes early, and starts pestering other students. I walk over to see if I can find something for you to do.

Sam: "Mrs. Johnson, are you married?" (It's either hit or miss with my name (no pun intended)... I only stress "MISS" (not Ms. or Mrs.) on occasion)...

me: nope.

Sam: "are you single?"

me: yup

Sam: "have you ever dated anyone?"

me: yup (if one can count a junior high romance...)

Sam: "You should go on eharmony."

me: hmmm... Are you ready to work on your newspaper project now? [while internally dying of laughter]

...a few minutes later, one of the girls confided in me "Miss Johnson, Sam wasn't being very nice earlier. He said you should go on eharmony..."

[commence internal laughing]

me: Well, it's ok... mumblemumble...

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