Thursday, October 8, 2009

*Meditate on what Jesus says, everything that Jesus says...

"Meditate on what Jesus says, everything that Jesus says...

Do you really know the words of the Lord?

The words that He spoke to and by His apostles?

Do you really know Jesus by His inspired word?

There is danger that you will begin to worship an imaginary Christ, not the Christ who says the things that are written, but a Christ of your own imagination, a harsh Christ who has not the meekness of Jesus, or a permissive Christ who is not the Holy One of God. It is so easy for us to invent another Christ and fail to be in subjection to the true Lord. But what joy it is to come to Jesus!

It is far from true that we have to choose between a dead book and a living Lord; the very reverse is true. Only in the living Book, alive by the power of the Holy Spirit who inspired it and who illumines it, only by the power of the living Book, read, preached, and shared, only by that living word of the Lord do we now come to the Lord of the Word, the living Lord Jesus Christ. God, who has spoken to the fathers through the prophets, has spoken at last by His son."

from Our Savior God: Studies on Man, Christ, and the Atonement Ed. by J. M. Boice
Selection from page 77, authored by Edmund P. Clowney, in the section entitled "The Unchanging Christ"

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