Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blessing-gift #1 - wild in the city

I might as well share the little bits of amazingness that God daily touched my inmost me with on a basically daily basis...
because i've been trying to apply thankfulness lately. so yay!


I had two-and-a-half rather rough classes of 7th/8th graders today, but God used those three classes as a backdrop to a wonderful-good blessing to finish out the work day.

While the last class of kids was coming in, I was walking around tidying chairs and papers. The kids started gathering by the window in the corner of the room, and a few of them started yelling, "Bambi!! It's Bambi!!" I looked toward the window, but didnt' see anything. The kids kept shouting, so I put the papers down on the teacher's desk and walked toward the window. There, on the slightly suburban lawn of the slightly suburban school's slightly suburban playground, was a whitetail doe and an incredibly young whitetail fawn, all speckly in the just-washed grass.
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