Saturday, May 25, 2013

how to live - pt. 1 of a million

Don't forget to dream in the waiting,

and use your best dishes every day.

Add color to your life with the silliest things,

throw maple helicopters and fly a kite.

Chase cars with your tail outstretched,

and watch cloud animals run just as fast.

Spin in circles while you still can,

sing in the car and smile at strangers.

Scratch a friend's back when they least expect it,

and write letters even if no one replies.

Keep a journal at least once a month,

and eat things you probably shouldn't.

Stretch yourself more than you ever thought possible,

try something new on a regular basis.

Hold babies, hold toddlers, hold children and teens,

hug twenty-somethings and thirty-year-olds.

Love on the single, the married, the smitten,

and spend time with hoary-headed saints.

Rake someone's yard at midnight,

walk on the grass and the sand.

Wear shoes as little as possible,

wear high heels and cowboy boots.

Stay up late doing nothing but giggling,

wake up early and make a big breakfast.

Read something you don't want to,

read to someone else.

Drive just to drive,

drive to visit a friend you have only met in writing.

Bake something from another land,

and bring a meal to someone else.

Whatever you do,

do it with everything He's given you.

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